The Debate: David Shayler vs Larry O'Hara

Notes From The Borderland Presents The Debate Of The Decade.

The world of 'intelligence' is a twilight one, with all too few public glimpses of what really goes on. Whistleblowers like former MI5 officer David Shayler are either roundly condemned as traitors or (in naive circles) uncritically accepted.

Notes From The Borderland magazine adopts neither simplistic position and since 1997 has been analysing Shayler's claims, sorting out wheat from the chaff. Finally, in 2005 Shayler agreed to joust with his fiercest critic Dr Larry O'Hara, NFB editor. The result is a fascinating series of exchanges, revelations and rejoinders, the level of debate itself reminiscent of a bygone pre-sound-byte age.

Topics covered include:

  • MI5 anti-IRA operations in England, like the 1993 Harrods Bomb.
  • Special Branch/MI5 infiltration of anarchist groups.
  • Princess Diana's fatal 1997 car crash. Who was responsible?
  • Allegations Tony Blair & some trade union leaders worked for MI5.
  • MI5/CIA attempts to finger Libya for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing & Machon/Shayler involvement in this.
  • MI5 & the 1970's Wilson plot / 1984-5 Miners Strike.

For background on our critique of Shayler visit the Secret State section of this site to find the relevant story, also the 'Cult-watching' section which features a full-length article by Paul Stott & Heidi Svenson from NFB 7 covering Shayler/Machon's involvement with the 9/11 & 7/7 'truth' cults.  This last especially ironic as this debate took place on 21/6/05, only 16 days before the London bombing 7/7/05.  Shayler explicitly stated that night that it was highly unlikely there would be any Islamist-linked bombs in London.  Afterwards, like with so much else, he retrospectively changed his tune, as chronicled in the featured article.

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