NOTES FROM THE BORDERLAND - Issue 1 (PDF Download only)


  • International Third Position charity scam exclusively exposed.
  • UK Ku Klux Klan: a state pseudo-gang?
  • BNSP: a hermaphrodite-run (!) Nazi honey-trap, aided by the Stalinist NCP.
  • Green Anarchist & ALF conspiracy prosecution: the inside view.

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NOTES FROM THE BORDERLAND - Issue 1 (PDF Download only)
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About NFB Magazine

Welcome to Britain's premier parapolitical investigative magazine Notes from the Borderland (NFB). We have been producing the magazine since 1997 but some published material before then.

Our political perspective is Left/Green, but we welcome truth-tellers, whatever their affiliation. Research interests include the secret state (MI5/MI6/Special Branch, now SO15) & their assets, including those in the media. We are resolutely anti-fascist, and to that end investigate the far right and state infiltration of various milieus. In a shallow age where many TV programmes and print/internet stories are spoon-fed to servile journalists/bloggers by shadowy interests, NFB stands out as genuine investigative research. 

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