As Goya knew, the sleep of reason brings forth monsters--or their modern day equivalent, conspiracy theorists. The events of 9/11/01 in the USA, and London 7/7/05, were disasters cynically used by the Bush and Blair regimes to start wars in Iraq & Afghanistan/impose repressive laws. That, we take as read.

However, there is another group, comprised of the deluded, the bewildered & the opportunist, who for a variety of reasons have leapt on the 9/11 band-wagon, and use these tragedies to spread various conspiracy theories (sometimes overtly anti-semitic), both about the events themselves and those allegedly behind them.

A group of us, most (but not all) involved with Left/Green political investigative magazine Notes From the Borderland (NFB--see www.borderland.co.uk) have become increasingly concerned at the activities of what we term '9/11 cult' believers here in the UK, not least (but not only) because of the involvement of ex-MI5 officers Annie Machon & David Shayler in this group. An irony not lost on us is that for years NFB has been pursuing evidence-based research--the audience for which is diminished/debased by the 9/11 myth-makers. Our reasons for the disquiet are many, and if you visit the web-site www.911cultwatch.org.uk you will find

1) Legitimate concerns about the UK 9/11 Truth Movement concisely set out in summary form.

2) A definition and explanation of why we think the UK 9/11 Truth Movement is a cult.

3) In full, a recent Notes From the Borderland piece critically analysing the role played by Machon/Shayler in all this.

4) An ongoing critical guide to research resources concerning what did happen on 9/11

5) On the links page, a guide to essential on-line resources countering 9/11 cult propaganda/delusions.


1) Look at the web-site (which we will be adding to) to assess our claims/plausibility

2) If writing news stories/scheduling programmes on the 9/11 Truth Movement, contact us for a right of reply/comment.

3) If you do intend to show any 9/11 cult films, or air 9/11-related programmes/interviews to fill empty schedule slots, not only think twice, but if you go ahead, allow us a right of reply/comment in any ensuing discussion

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