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You oppose the US/UK war-machine--good. Both countries plan, and carry out, mass murder--the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan testify to that. Everybody likes a good story--and the 9/11 Truth Movement has plenty of these, plus lots of movies. However, before fully throwing all your energies to the cause, we respectfully have a few questions for you to consider.


In the light of lies and disinformation daily spewed out by the ruling class, if it were proved 9/11 was a state-sponsored 'inside job', would scales automatically drop from the eyes of 'ordinary people'? There is an answer to that--US polls show many already believe there may have been state complicity in 9/11, but it hasn't rocked the capitalist system's foundations, has it? Anyway, might not concentrating on one 'crime' primarily mean others are missed? Just as the CIA once advised mass release of JFK files as a diversionary tactic. By all means, hold another 'Inquiry' into 9/11. However, this issue should co-exist alongside others, not substitute for them. Believe us--the 9/11 cult encourages a descent into paranoia, whereby those not wholeheartedly (uncritically) into 9/11 Truth are denounced, as 'shills', 'gatekeepers', 'limited hang-out merchants' and so on. Do you prefer Bull Horn bullshitter Alex Jones to Noam Chomsky? We don't!


Reality sometimes trumps fiction--at least in the UK & Ireland 9/11 'Truth' movement. Despite claims it is 'non-hierarchical', the main public speaker is ex-MI5 officer David Shayler, as is Campaign Secretary Annie Machon. Objectionable for two reasons.
First: neither has yet come fully clean about MI5 work, and their late 'conversion' to 9/11 Truth does not add up, as we show elsewhere. So, they could still be on an intelligence operation--a risk any serious campaign wouldn't feel worth contemplating. For details see [here].
Second; Machon recently liaised with Met police over a US Embassy demonstration. Perhaps meeting old friends from MI5 anti-IRA operations? Days before she quit MI5 the Met executed unarmed young IRA volunteer Diarmuid O'Neill in cold blood. An execution never properly investigated--and off Machon's radar, but not ours.


Shayler uses his high profile to propagate off-the-wall ideas such as there were no planes on 9/11 (holograms instead), almost designed to humiliate activists. He also alleges a "Zionist conspiracy...they were behind 9/11" (New Statesman 11/9/06). Doesn't this belong in a sewer with David Icke's lizards? If the secret state were intent on 'covering up' unpalatable 9/11 truths, wouldn't an agent infiltrating the movement act as Shayler has done, establishing some credentials before sabotaging from within? Conspiracy theorising rightly has a disreputable aura--and the deeper you get into the 9/11 cult the more such takes hold. Check out 'super poster' contributions on the uk web-site. Sadly, anti-semitism aside, conspiracy theories tend towards the conventionally racist--implying non-whites couldn't destroy the WTC without Uncle Sam's help (or even direction). A UK equivalent is the denial (in relation to the London bombs 7/7/05) that those involved did visit Luton (not that bad surely?), commit suicide that day, or were even in London!


This might seem an odd question, but isn't. To arrive at an approximation of truth all angles need looking at. However, the 9/11 Truth Industry (TM) has not, by and large, been built on dispassionate evaluation and rigorous standards of evidence-gathering and sifting. Too often, a circular pattern emerges whereby believers quote each other at (inordinate) length, and ignore contrary research, seeking to fit facts to pre-ordianed conclusions. Hostility to outsiders, suspension of critical faculties, intimidation of critics, denunciation of heretics, abdication of responsibility to charismatic 'leaders', repetition of mantras and so on--these characterise cult behaviour. Hence, our slightly provocative self-designation '9/11 Cultwatch'. If the tin-foil hat fits, wear it--or bin it!

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