Dr Larry O'Hara US Radio Opperman Show Interview 15-6-18

On 15-6-18 the Ed Opperman Radio show in the US ran a two hour interview with editor Dr Larry O'Hara.  Main topic discussed was the April 1999 Copeland scandal (see elsewhere on this site) whereby a neo-Nazi was effectively allowed under license to plant at least the last of three London nail-bombs in Soho (and possibly the two earlier bombs in Brixton and Brick Lane). NFB magazine has indefatigably been on this case since the start, and it is covered in the current magazine (11) and numerous previous ones. As we often say, if the Steven Lawrence murder in 1993 is still newsworthy (and it is) why not this scandal from 1999?  It has long cried out for a genuine journalistic investigation but to date nobody has had the guts.  Well done to Ed Opperman for allowing the issues to be aired.

The interview didn't just cover Copeland but also the Gareth Williams murder (covered in issues 10 and 11), as well as the malign role of the Guardian newspaper.  Not just in printing the cowardly hatchet job on Julian Assange of WikilLeaks by Nick Davies, but also them concentrating on past midemeanours by Met Police spy-cops, letting the Metropolitan Intelligence Bureau (now Command) entirely off the hook.  The editor's views on the Tommy Robinson jailing are also discussed.  As too NFB's methodology, steering a course between Unofficial Conspiracy Theorists (who believe 9-11 and 7-7 were 'inside' jobs: we don't) and Official Conspiracy Theorists (who peddled the lie Saddam's Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction)--a lonely but essential path, one we tread even if attacked by all sides.

Anyway, have a listen and make up your own mind...


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