As the ancient Chinese curse goes, 'may you live in interesting times'.  We have long grown used to seeing conventional news media reporting from outside trials and even physically chasing defendants for comment.  Whatever may be thought of Tommy Robinson, he has recently been jailed for 13 months for doing similar--though with a different news agenda.  So he gets jailed and they get promotion...Never has the political nature of the judicial process been laid so bare...

Media darling Brendan Cox, however, widower of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, and prominent Hope Not Hate/EU supporter, can get away with almost anything...As he did for years until thankfully some brave women harassed by this sex pest when he worked for Save The Children spoke up and he was forced to resign his position on the More In Common/Jo Cox Foundation charities.  However, we at NFB magazine immediately opened a book on how soon before he crawled back into the public arena.  As the article below, reproduced from our colleague Dr Paul Stott's informative blog indicates, it hasn't been long: to visit that blog click the link below.

We didn't think it worthwhile to open a book on when, or whether, Brendan Cox's former colleagues at the Jo Cox Foundation Kirsty McNeill (Trustee) and Ilona Lawrence (Director) would speak up in the public domain about his previous disgraceful behaviour while at Save the Children.  After all, they both worked with him there so must surely have known about the relevant allegations.  But from them (or indeed his drinking buddy Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate CEO/Mr Pooter impersonator) there has been not a squeak: we surmise they are just counting the days until this creep slithers back into the public fold.  As Paul hints below, it has been a Cox masterstroke to pick a subject few will dare criticise him on as he seeks to rehabilitate himself.  Except us...

Heidi Svenson 2-6-18

May 25, 2018

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