With reference to the ongoing war of words between Nigel Farage/UKIP on the one hand, and Hope Not Hate/Brendan Cox on the other, we would like to draw everybody's attention to the following background material of great relevance.  All is produced by Notes From the Borderland (NFB) magazine, the undoubted (and critical) experts on the Hope Not Hate (HNH) gravy train..

As for the dispute itself, we strongly object to the term 'extremist' being used about anybody, though find it amusing HNH have been called extremist when they throw the label around with monotonous regularity.  Their attempts to 'crowd-fund' supposed legal action against UKIP/Farage are in our view vexatious, and merely another in a long line of attempts to scam money from those naïve enough to support them.  As the articles referenced below prove, they get extensive funding from a variety of organisations already.

We hear sources close to UKIP want to fund 'research' into HNH: well, we've already done it, without funding from anybody.  Though we wouldn't bet against our research again appearing as if somebody else's.  Watch this space!

In the end though, this legal dispute is merely surface froth: for the substance of what HNH stand for and where they came from check out the items below, also other material in the Searchlight/Hope Not Hate section of our web-site.

Rather than waste words trying to repeat the information below, I outline below what the following will tell you:

1) Before the dispute arose, this on-line article by editor Dr Larry O'Hara critiqued Hope Not Hate's partisan intervention in the EU Referendum, including an examination of Brendan Cox's views:


2) NFB magazine issue 10 provided the definitive account of Hope Not Hate's origins, and nature: an extract from the article in issue 10 can be found below.  Searchlight have grudgingly acknowledged we are factually correct: while Hope Not Hate have never dared refer to this article, never mind refute it (or even threaten us with legal action!).  Read the full thing to find out why they fear it.


3) While we philosophically believe in a hard copy magazine (visit the shop), we also sell PDFs: see below the link to issue 10 containing the landmark 47 page article detailing who HNH key personnel are, why they split from Searchlight, and their funding: this article was the (unacknowledged) original source for Nigel Farage's claim HNH were/are government-funded. First is the contents outline (and filmed interview with the editor regarding contents), next is the PDF link in the NFB shop.



4) More recent developments in Hope Not Hate, including their new funding sources & personnel changes, are covered in the just-published Notes From the Borderland 11: PDF shop link below


Finally, should you want informed commentary regarding this dispute, our editor Dr Larry O'Hara can be contacted on 0777 5964367 or through me, courtesy of the email: nfbmagazine at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Heidi Svenson (for & on behalf of the NFB Collective)

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