You can't please everybody--nor would we want to. This review from Nationalist Week, e-bulletin of the British People's Party (whose membership features more than once in the issue 9 article about 'fascist plots', reproduced on this site), indicates the real animosity felt towards us by some creeps. Are we bothered? Not really....

No.180 - 31st August 2008

"If, by the instrument of governmental power, a people is being led toward its destruction,

then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people it is his duty."
Adolf Hitler

'Anti-Fascist researcher' Larry O'Hara, Class War and Antifa

The following article serves as a warning to make Nationalists aware of the unquestionable relationship between Larry O'Hara and the protagonists of 'Militant Anti-Fascism' (To you and me, that is the people that seek to kick our heads in) - The Anarchist Federation, Class War and it's front group Antifa.

Some people on the periphery of Nationalism, due to their naivety seek to sanitise Larry O'Hara and his role in attacking Nationalism. It will soon become clear that O'Hara not only supports these Organisations but also very probably shares intelligence with them.

If one takes a look at the Class War website, it will be seen that under the section for links there is a link to the Notes From The Borderland website that promotes the irregularly published conspiracy theorist red rag of the same name produced by O'Hara. Of course the link is reciprocated by O'Hara and he also supplies a link to the mainly Jewish run Lancaster Unity site. Here's what O'Hara has to say about Class War: 'Class War's website is hard-hitting and militant, just what we like. They are supportive of the NFB project and we are of them. Join their mailing list.' So, in other words, O'Hara freely admits he supports those that would use extreme violence and terror against Nationalism. Indeed one of the slogans used by Class War is 'By every means necessary'.

A quick perusal of the Class war Newspaper, 'Class War', issue number 94 of summer 2008, shows them gloating over an attack made on the BPP RV point at the London Victoria meeting held on Aril 19th just gone (Page 11 under the heading: 'In the area'). There is also an article on page two entitled 'Any Time, Any Place, Any Where', which gives a report on efforts made by Class War members using the Antifa front to attack BNP members in Oxford when both David Irving & Nick Griffin debated at Oxford University. On page fifteen of the same issue, there are a number of booklets for sale written by anti-fascists that reminisce about violence used in the past on Nationalists. Also to be had are issues 7 & 8 of 'Notes from The borderland'. On the same page various Antifa fund raising merchandise is advertised for sale from the same London Class War PO Box number - everything from stickers to t-shirts with such slogans as 'Antifa Hooligans'.

A link on the London Class War Site for Antifa reveals them to be at the hub of violent 'anti-fascist' terror and under Antifa's founding Statement can be read: 'We will not work with, accept information from nor pass information to the so-called anti-fascist magazine/organisation Searchlight...' Well, they don't really need Gable's info do they when they have a member with his very own Magazine who is in touch with various misguided Nationalists who for a whole host of reasons supply him with information on other Nationalists and Nationalist Organisations. Some of these reasons are that they are anti-Nick Griffin & Tony Lecomber, others are that they have a genuine wish to root the 'Rats & snitches' out of Nationalism.

Make no mistake, O'Hara is an enemy of the Nationalist Movement and his magazine serves the dual purposes of initiating psych-ops accusing some Nationalists of being plants and for intelligence gathering purposes. While we are all pointing the finger of accusation at each other the real plants carry on unnoticed. When one sups with the Devil one will need a very long spoon. You have been warned.


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