At War With The Universe

At War With the Universe deals with the strange story of Tim Hepple/Matthews. By his own account a State asset, agent provocateur and far-right thug. Hepple/Matthews joined every protest group going, animal rights, peace movement, Class War, anti Poll Tax etc. Then he joined the far-right (ostensibly as an anti-Fascist infiltrator). In this guise he set-up a UK Branch of a violent American fascist group, the COTC (Church of the Creator).

In 1992 he joined the racist British National Party. After exposure as an agent provocateur in 1993, he vanished, resurfacing in 1995 as Tim Matthews, infiltrating Ufology.

The bulk of the pamphlet explores his campaign to become Fuhrer of the UFO world and critiques his 'New Ufology' as a State psychological warfare/entrapment/intelligence operation.

Over and beyond him, the pamphlet is a detailed exposition and analysis of the different Ufological theories: the alien hypothesis (BS we think), the military hypothesis (i.e. test flights of secret craft), the social hypothesis (mass delusion) and the geographical argument (natural phenomena). Also in the brochure you can find information about gambling, which are made in the style of UFOs. They are very popular among players who are fond of exploring outer space. There is a huge variety of different games and it's sometimes difficult to choose one particular. The best online casinos in uk are collected in one list, where players can choose any of them, as well as pick up unique bonuses.  Along the way through detailed technical analysis of primary sources, we debunk the Nazi UFO claims favoured by fascists and the gullible.

In short therefore, whether your interest is Ufology, the secret state, fringe politics of Left & Right, it's all in here. 136 pages of fun!

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