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BNP success & anti-fascist strategy explored in depth, the July 7th campaign debated with & much more...


The British National Party's breakthrough in the 2009 European & County Council elections is a disturbing development. We analyse it, in terms of who voted for them, and how BNP strategy contributed to the outcome. Some dismiss the BNP as mere beneficiaries of a protest vote--if so, why did voters not favour groups on the Left? The flip-side of BNP advance is the failure of anti-fascist strategies to date. Searchlight front campaign Hope Not Hate is taken to task--in a way, and with insights, you will not see anywhere else, certainly not the rigidly-controlled HNH satellite forums. Click on the relevant section below to read an extract from the article on HNH.

We also critique Unite Against Fascism, and conclude with radical suggestions of our own. While the liberal know-nothing media consensus was that BNP Leader Nick Griffin was annihilated on BBC 1's Question Time in October 2009, we are not so sure. The reasons for BNP support will not go away, and the televisual bear-baiting is unlikely to be repeated. Which is not to say we too didn't laugh at Griffin's preposterous talk of a 'non-violent' Ku Klux Klan. Griffin is a complex character, and fascist--but is neither Nazi or stupid. Get informed & get active.

Speaking of getting active, click here for an analysis of why the Green Party was right to reject failed strategies and oppose both Nick Griffin and New Labour MP Margaret Hodge in Barking during the 2010 General Election.

In this internet age when copy and paste passes for writing, clicking on Google for rigour, and tweeting on Twitter replaces dialogue, conspiracy theorising can spread like a virus... to which NFB is the best antidote!

First, we give space to the July Seventh Campaign, who outline their disagreement with how NFB has covered the London bombings 7/7/05. To which we respond--and leave readers to judge who's on the planet, and who's already left...Click on the relevant section in contents list to read this article in full, plus a link to the one it is a reply to.

Second, NFB exclusively interviews two former activists in the UK 9/11 Truth Movement, Mick Meaney & Louise Evans (of, and the results are illuminating and disturbing, especially as regards the extent of anti-semitism within the 9/11 cult.

Plots and Rumours of Plots--the mainstream media is awash with rumours a fascist bombing campaign is potentially imminent in the UK. How likely is this? Analysing information gleaned from recent court cases, pending trials, and our own sources, NFB gives you the low-down. Then there's Philip Luty--a case worth looking at....Click on the relevant section below to read this article

The Anarchist Studies Network is based at a UK university (Loughborough) that is a fully paid-up outpost of the military industrial complex. We went along to 'feel the force', as they all looked (in vain) for Proudhon's Dental Record. It may be anarchism, but not as Bakunin or Kropotkin knew it...Speculation the next ASN Conference is to be held at Guantanamo Bay University is untrue...Though if the price is right, & funding model viable....who knows? (only joking..).

Make Wars History--is it a legitimate grass-roots campaign, or merely the 9/11 Truth movement in another form, headed up by ex (?) MI5 officer Ann Machon...Find out...

Last issue, we covered neo-Nazi site Redwatch: webmeister Kevin Watmough didn't like what we said, read our reply. In similar vein (maybe) fresh news on Humpty-Dumpty, and David Shayler, currently posturing as a Messiah near you (if you live close by Kew Gardens in London that is...mind you, did Jesus have bad teeth?).

What do people do after the WRP? Roger Cottrell is a purveyor of fiction who likes his class forces finely 'balanced not hung' as he engages in a spot of Taig-bashing in print...Some people find this a tad unappetising, and you may too...

Reviews are the lifeblood of any serious publication--we have them too! Read our informed take on Sandra Uttley's 'Dunblane Unburied', Damian Thompson's'Counter-Knowledge', and the Todd/Bloch/Fitzgerald tome 'Spies Lies & The War on Terror'.

NFB wouldn't be so lovable without blowing the odd secret state asset/operation. That tradition continues with a return to the vexed subject of the BNP's relationship to the secret state--starting with a history of the failed 2007 plot against Nick Griffin. Individuals featured include Sadie (Shady) Graham, Matt Single and Peter Molloy. Also, take a bow Times journalist Fiona Hamilton, who probably hoped nobody else noticed she seems to have been comprehensively outfoxed by Griffin. Yes we did--and you can all laugh too!

A 56 page issue with something for almost everybody, including regular features 'Did They Not Like That' & 'Fancy That', as well as updates on previous stories. However, following extensive discussion with the caring services, we repeat our advice to avoid NFB if you think political research is spending 10 minutes on the internet, 9 of those on YouTube. Lobster magazine, the trailblazing parapolitical journal, has sadly gone--make sure NFB doesn't disappear into the Matrix by buying a copy, and back issues, then spread the word to friends and enemies alike...


While we were away, much has happened. Chief among these domestically is increasing success for the fascist British National Party in electoral terms. Hitherto, we have primarily discussed their strategy and fortunes--something we continue to do. Now, the threat of fascism (albeit of Griffin's post-modern variety) is such that NFB has critiqued in detail the anti-fascist strategies on offer. Not only is the 'Hope Not Hate' flag of convenience Searchlight now trade under unlikely to succeed, it debases and neutralises prefigurative and participative politics. A proper debate about this will not happen in most Left publications or in the inane chattering-saloons that most web forums are.

Careful observers of parapolitics will have noted developments consistent with our take on the world. Environmental campaigner Molly Gifford, of 'Plane Stupid', turned the tables on Special Branch (by taping the encounters) when they tried to recruit her in March 2009. Leaving aside their claims not to be spying on the group as such (merely individuals within it), their ambition caught the eye. 'Officer l' is recorded as saying "Look at the big picture--we work with hundreds of people, believe me, ranging from terrorist organisations right through to whatever. To the others as we like to call them .... We have people who give us information on environmentalism, left wing extremism, right-wing--you name it, we have the whole spectrum of reporting". Also interesting was the money talked of as sometimes being "tens of thousands of pounds", paid in cash so as to avoid "an audit trail" ( 24/4/09). Both money, and contempt for targets, as well as the desire to discredit groups, might explain the continued way the same people are sometimes tasked to infiltrate groups across the spectrum, as in the case of Matthew Gibbons of York--infiltrating AntiFa, Animal Liberation and (more recently) the English Defence League (see AntiFa England News 25/9/09).

Finally, a sad event near home--editor Robin Ramsay has given up producing a hard copy of Lobster magazine, in part because "we get almost all our information from the Net these days", and "we all know what are and are not serious web- sites". His decision raises profound questions, hopefully to be taken up next NFB. Whatever our differences with Ramsay, we salute his past work, & welcome Lobster readers (and some contributors) to NFB. We are not, and would not pretend to be, Lobster, but by the same token raise contemporary issues--and do not get "almost all" our information from the internet. Check it out. There is still a role for the printed word: check the back cover for details of the INK collective.

Thanks to: Steve Booth, Deep Cough, Dave Hughes, Legal Eagle, Gary Matthews, the Northern Lights (our guiding star), Steve Patterson, David Pegg, Sue (typing), Heidi Svenson, the Technical Department. thanks to Robin Whittaker & Rom for news clippings. Finally, in memory of Agent Q--you are gone but will never be forgotten. 18/10/09

Expected Shock: The 2009 BNP Election Success & Anti-Fascist Strategy. Click here to read extract from this article

Sandra Uttley's 'Dunblane Unburied' reviewed Paul Stott

The July 7th Truth Campaign: Response to NFB 7 & 8

J7 Campaign: A Reply Click here to read this article in full

Fancy That: People who interest us H

Smears Lies & Propaganda: A Reply to Roger Cottrell

Redwatch: An exchange with webmeister Kevin Watmough

Murder, or Something Else?

Make Wars History: A new Political Campaign or 9/11 Truth repackaged?

Journo-Cops: David Rose, Martin Bright & Nick Davies?

Did They Not Like That?

Beyond the 9/11 Cult: NFB interview ex-9/11 Truth Activists Louise Evans & Mick Meaney

Plots & Rumours of Plots: Is a fascist bombing campaign imminent? Click here to read this article in full

Anarchist Studies Network: The Hunt For Proudhon's Dental Record

The BNP & The Secret State: Further Observations

Damian Thompson 'Counter-knowledge' reviewed

Todd/Bloch/Fitzgerald 'Spies Lies & The War on Terror' reviewed

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