NFB Issue 7

Our first coverage of Anne Machon/David Shayler infiltrating the 9/11 & 7/7 cults, as well as the definitive account of the 2006 Lecomber 'murder' plot, & a 'Plan B' anti-BNP strategy outlined...


Just when malefactors thought it safe to venture outside during day-light hours, along came NFB 7.   Contents include:

The true story behind then British National Party Group Development Officer Tony Lecomber's suggestion former BNP Liverpool Organiser Joe Owens assemble a hit squad to assassinate various Establishment figures in January 2006.   Was this a state-sponsored attempt to derail the then ongoing Race Hate trial of BNP Leader Nick Griffin?  Is Lecomber's replacement, Sadie Graham, working to the same agenda Lecomber might have been?   The accompanying disinformation operations by the BNP and the  Searchlight  organisation are also analysed.
We also examined the BNP's May 2006 electoral successes, and suggested how anti-fascists can/could defeat them.
There is also an update on a State-compromised Pseudo-InvestigativeJournalism (SPIJ) offering-- the BBC Secret Agent programme demolished in  NFB 6.
Debate about the London bombings  7/7/05 will continue for years, and is something no serious parapolitical magazine can ignore.  We stake out our initial position by reviewing three books on the subject--by Milan Rai, Peter Oborne and Crispin Black.  7/7, like 9/11, has attracted the interested & informed--but also, sadly, the deluded/dupes/ conspiracy theorists.  A group including both is the UK 9/11 Truth Movement--recently infiltrated by ex-MI5 officers Annie Machon/ David Shayler.  Our detailed account probes their alleged motives and antics in this new sphere of operations.  Click on relevant section in contents list below to read this article in full (minus graphics)

Another article reproduced the chapter left out of Machon's book claiming Tony Blair is an MI5 asset--and then critically dissects that claim.
NFB also interviewed former World Light Welterweight boxing champion Terry Marsh, following his excellent recent autobiography 'Undefeated'.
In the end, society is not just composed of groups, but also individuals, whose stories and experiences are often fascinating.  Two are featured this issue--regular contributor  Robin Whittaker  analyses some harassment techniques used by the secret state, and we review a book by Simon Smith on his own battle with the state apparatus.
To round things off, we update readers on our confrontation with the BBC's Mark Thompson & Steve Hewlett at the Sheffield documentary festival, and reproduce the article censored by Broadcast magazine on the dire state of TV documentary journalism.  Finally, we analyse the careers of media reptiles Mazher Mahmood and Piers Morgan.  Another cracker!!   Sure to galvanise even the most lethargic aesthete....


Once again, we return to the fray--delayed but not deterred. A continued stifling of genuine political debate among the mainstream parties on the one hand, and further growth for the fascist British National Party (BNP) on the other are two salient facts. So no apologies for devoting considerable space to the BNP this issue.

Opposite are a few comments on their most recent electoral breakthrough, and pointers for resistance. Other articles explore two things critical to their fortunes. First, to what extent have the liberal media (especially the BBC) helped the BNP get their message across by superficial and counterproductive programmes like the 'Secret Agent', discussed at length last NFB and still with legal ramifications today. Second, a disturbing story involving BNP Leader Nick Griffin's erstwhile No. 2, Tony Lecomber, and his proposal ex-BNP member Joe Owens assassinate selected public figures. A story with implications for the BNP internally, and yet again involving disinformation being peddled by the 'usual suspects' (not just the BNP). As with previous such scandals, NFB goes behind the headlines and asks hard questions others are afraid to.

Last time we defined a phenomenon that has long concerned us--SPIJ, short for State-compromised Pseudo-Investigative Journalism--and this term is used throughout. New readers (and old) might care to look at the elaboration of that concept ...... on page 12. Just to show we have no problem with looking at popular journalists in this regard, Mazher Mahmood's output is analysed. No serious para-political magazine can ignore the London bombings 7/7/05, and by means of a book review we stake out our initial perspective. Hotly contested ground, not just between us and spooks, but also others who have been taken in by 'conspiracy theorists'. As GK Chesterton once said, those who don't believe in anything often believe in everything. It is alarming to see the ease with which the 9/11 & 7/7 sceptics have been penetrated by former MI5 officers Annie Machon & David Shayler. By reference to facts, we again question their motivations and allegiance in this matter--and along with their previous antics, yet more questions arise. Some, in part, raised at the 21/6/05 debate between myself and Shayler, of which the DVD is still available (see back cover). 9/11 itself will in due course come under our microscope, though we make no apologies for not scrutinising it yet--the Oil Crisis article is important background. Once again, some issues this NFB, including internal BNP machinations or asking basic questions about Machon/Shayler, are just too radical/hard-core for many imagining themselves to be 'truth-seekers'. We have previously covered sport tangentially--mostly football 'firms' and their police antagonists--this time we look at the career and views of former World Boxing champion Terry Marsh--a working class hero. In short, something for (almost) everyone to savour. And for some to worry about--good!

Thanks to: Harry Ainsworth, Steve Booth, Deep Cough, Duncan Ferguson, Dave Hughes, Legal Eagle, Paul Marsh, the Northern Lights (our guiding star), David Pegg, Simon Smith (especially re ISBN) Heidi Svenson, the Technical Department. Also Q for unrivalled intelligence & editorial input. Continued thanks to Robin Whittaker & Rom for news clippings.


As BNP Electoral Advance Continues, Time for Plan B

Boxing Clever: interview with Champion Terry Marsh

Unpicking a Tangled Web: the end of Piers Morgan

NFB Confronts Sultans of SPIJ shock 

The censored Broadcast magazine article on SPIJ

The Cuckoos Change Nests:Machon & Shayler Target British & Irish 9/11 Truth Campaigners

Tony Blair MI5 Agent? (plus NFB Commentary)

Harassing Individuals: Clearing up some Confusions

Eye Spy with my little eye something sometimes quite useful

Lecomber Exits the BNP: Usual Suspects Evade the issues

The BBC 'Secret Agent' documentary revisited

Simon Smith's 'I/Ops Information Operations' reviewed by Heidi Svenson

Background Briefing: How the Oil Crisis Arose

How Lowles can you go? Cardiff's Soul Crew revisited 

Taking Stock: The London Bombings 7/7/05 (review article)

Mazher Mahmood: Journo-Cop Dissected

Fancy That! News About People/Groups Of Interest

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