NFB Issue 4

Headlining was the definitive expose of how the secret state and fascists disrupted the anti-EU movement, supplemented by analyses of the BNP's rise, and the WRP's decline and fall.


Not even a year since the last issue, and once again NFB hits the ground, running towards the sound of (ideological) battle and controversy. As usual, this issue will delight some--and be a nightmare to others (deservedly) exposed. Keynote article this time is that by Larry O'Hara and David Pegg concerning How the secret state and fascists disrupt the anti-EU movement. If that thought sounds fanciful and irrelevant, think again--it just shows how successful attempts have been (since the Labour Left's 1970s 'Alternative Economic Strategy') to keep anti-capitalist/Green struggles separate from anti-EU ones in the UK (but not Ireland/Denmark). Read all about:
--MI5's operation against James Goldsmith's Referendum Party using a fascist arid a South African intelligence asset,

--how the secret state is trying to destroy the UK Independence Party. Dramatis Personae include the Cook Report, Alan Sked, Nigel Farage MEP, Nick Griffin & John Tyndall of the BNP. Also John Grieve, Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner. We catch Teflon John's mob bang to rights covering up the theft of UKIP membership lists,

-the real position of supposed anti-fascist organisation Searchlight on the EU, as let slip in a secret document by co-editor Nick Lowles. Read (in his own words) exactly how, speaking of anti-EU groups, he promised "utilising sources inside these organisations, the European Movement will be furnished with information not otherwise easily accessible. The report and drip flow of information will provide your organisation with invaluable ammunition to add to your cause",

-the true extent of fascist infiltration into the anti-EU struggle & what should be done about it. -the truth behind Norman Tebbit's claim MI6 had infiltrated UKIP. We trace his source, and analyse the operation.

For those still fascinated by the 'Last Century Left'...

First, an authoritative account of the decline and fall of the Workers Revolutionary Party by Campbell J McGregor.

Second, we track former MI5 officer Michael Bettaney. Just what did he do in Ireland for MI5 when his boss was Stella Rimington (no less)? We still want to know. After 14 years imprisonment for giving secrets to the USSR Bettaney is now in the 'Communist Party of Great Britain' using the name Michael Malkin (and maybe Maurice Bernal). Has he turned yet again, once more doing the odd favour (or more) for MI5, possibly hinted at by a recent pension settlement? Read our explosive account and judge for yourself.

Just to show nowhere is safe from our roving eye, there is analysis of the British National Party, two years after Nick Griffin took over. A man to watch, carefully--and we are so doing.

News too of another old favourite, the International Third Position fascist charity scam updated. Shocking revelations here. Also covered by Robin Whittaker are recent Rudolf Hess books, not so much rebel without a cause as (doppelganger?) pilot without a license.

We haven't forgotten ex-MI5 operatives David Shayler & Anne Machon: read Harry Ainsworth's story about our encounter with them in Sheffield, and peruse the three questions they will not answer. Also find out what happened when NFB went to the London Statewatch Conference. As a follow up to the Copeland piece last issue, we received a shrill disinformational letter from the BBC's Graeme McLagan. Read that letter in full and the editor's response.

The Guardian newspaper is bible of the Left and sadiy many anti-globalisation protesters too. Read Larry O'Hara's detailed chapter and verse on exactly how and why the Guardian and Observer criminalised activists involved in May Day Monopoly 2001 in London. Also read an account by Matt Salusbury on the build up to May Day in the media and on the streets.

Last time out we took Donal Macintyre to the cleaners-this time, Steve Patterson follows his laughable career subsequently.

As well as continuing popular feature 'Did they Not Like That?' covering reactions to NFB from friend and foe alike, a new feature 'Fancy That' from Dave Hughes. This covers individuals who interest NFB, from all over the spectrum. Heidi Svenson outlines an initial NFB collective response to the events of 11/9/01 in the USA.


Welcome to this first NFB of the new millennium. We hope friends (old and new) are as impressed by our improved production values as malfeasants we feature are perturbed

As usual, this is a fun-packed issue, lots for all the family. The atrocity that was 11/9/01 came just as most of this issue was completed, and gets brief coverage (p.6). There are two further things to say about it though. First, the devastating and cataclysmic changes in political consciousness brought about by this covert operation (of the AI Qa'eda network) show how wrong it is to dismiss those of us investigating such operations by the secret state as irrelevant conspiracy theorists. Second, if the world's secret state agencies were not monitoring Bin Laden (a CIA creation after all) what were they doing? Find out some of that in these pages. Underlying the apparent diversity of contents (over and above the core NFB themes of tracking and exposing secret state operations/fascists) are three strands, which appear and reappear throughout the magazine. To take each in turn.

Those reading NFB (often for the first time) primarily because of the key-note piece analysing how the Imperial European, state's apologists try to disrupt and ultimately destroy opposition to the EU will need no reminding how important an issue .. this is. Others might well be surprised at such atale. You shouldn't be--not only have all editorials since issue 1 hinted at this story, it is of profound importance. In George Orwell's 1984 somebody in the middle of a speech is handed a note saying Oceania (or is it Eastasia? or even Eurasia?) is now a friend, and the speech continues almost without a pause, only new names are inserted in the pre-existing hate slots. What Orwell understood, and feared, is division 0.1 the world into rival Empires.

So too in our times, being constructed before our very eyes is a New European Empire, seeking (in the eyes of supporters) to strut the world stage and flex its muscles--economic but also military. It is as yet not totally formed, but the Imperial aspiration is there. I cannot believe this is a 'progressive' step, and am conscious of the historic burden of responsibility placed upon anti-imperialists to resist. Even if, at this point, we do not succeed, let our resistance be a flickering candle in future times taken up by successors. The alternative. to coming European Empire, from our perspective, is not petty nationalism, subservience to the US Empire, or nostalgia for the British Empire. More of that elsewhere--suffice to say we remain resolutely internationalist in spirit. I urge traditional NFB readers not hitherto interested in the EU to read the piece and ask yourself--if the British secret state is so interested in crushing anti-EU forces, maybe there is a relevance to this struggle you hadn't thought of previously.

Despite (not because of) the presence in the anti-EU movement of some dodgy political tendencies--which we expose. Having two articles on May Day 2001 is a continuing sign of the integral importance to our anti-capitalist politics of extra- . parliamentary action that might shock new readers primarily focussed on the EU. We make no apologies for that-the seeds of revolt sown by May Day Monopoly players constitute one important aspect of any 21st Century radical politics.

The failed politics of the Last Century Left, a dead and dying breed, continue to interest us in a pathological and historical way (see WRP piece p.32), but there is no way forward down that route. It is (slightly) amusing that the SWP and so-called CPGB, who would dismiss this magazine as 'groundless conspiracy theorising' (at best) themselves came out with baseless and disgusting attacks on anti-capitalist protesters in Genoa recently, labelling the black bloc 'agent provocateurs' without evidence.

We have not forgotten, nor will we forgive, such attacks, including vile personal slurs by the SWP's Chris Harman & talentless Alex Callinicos on Toni Negri. Nor have we forgotten (how could we?) that last NFB was even more immediately prescient than usual. Our critique of charmless whinge-bag Ken Livingstone, anticipating future (then hypothetical) anti-capitalist demos in London said "if and when Livingstone orders cops in NFB will report on it--and say we told you so" (p.58). Well he did, and we are! Special mention goes to his ally, Met Police hireling Lee Jasper, who wanted protesters to be arrested on conspiracy charges even before the day. What a surprise (not). More on him later.

And then, the Guardian/Observer axis. This is crucial to defining the parameters of politically acceptable dissent. For the Last Century Left, if featured in The Guardian, a story gains pathetic grandeur and salience, & is then parroted in their tedious publications as though independently arrived at. This strikes a chord with readers, and everybody is reassuringly comforted (soma ration delivered). Unfortunately, not only do many important stories never get through this sieve, the secret state is well aware of The Guardian's agenda setting importance--and at key moments uses it to good effect. As we show.

Finally, some things promised for this issue, or you would expect, aren't here. Chiefly, Part 2 to the Copeland piece. We will return to it, but I am disappointed few have wished to carry this story forward. What a shame one of few reactions has been from a creature like Graeme McLagan (p.35). Given NFB is an interventionist magazine, I suggest those competent re-read the Copeland article in issue 3 and act. Rimington's autobiographical novel (& Shayler on Ireland) will be covered in issue 5.

APOLOGY: Last NFB (page 24) we mistakenly printed a photo of somebody entirely innocent, and accused them of being Nick Lowles. We unreservedly apologise for this error, and are glad no grievous harm has been caused. This issue, we rectify the mistake (p18), & would point out too the Silver photo was accurate. Any factual corrections to this issue gratefully received.

Thanks to: Duncan Ferguson, the Technical Department, Green Anarchist, the Northern Lights (as always our guiding star), Harry Ainsworth, Heidi Svenson, Dave Hughes, Steve Booth, David Pegg & Steve Patterson. Also Q for continuing intelligence & editorial input.. And Miss Bubbles for making it all worthwhile. Especial thanks to Robin Whittaker & Rom for news clippings.


Adopting the Position? A strange tale of recent events in the ITP

Donal Staggers on

Onward Christian Soldiers?

This Cursed Plot: How the secret state and fascists disrupt the anti-EU movement Click here to read extract

Notes From the Battle-Front

Some Questions for David Shayler & Anne Machon

A Trotskyite Monster Mystery: the downfall of Gerry Healy

Splutterings of a Deep Throat Journalist (Graeme McLagan)

Book Review: Rudolf Hess & related matters

The Disinformation War continues: How The Guardian & Observer consciously criminalised protesters on May Day 2001

No More Fairy Wings Over London: The build-up events and aftermath of May Day 2001

Fancy That? News about people of interest to NFB

2 years of the BNP under Nick Griffin: a provisional balance sheet

Michael Bettaney also known as Malkin: a spook in the CPGB

Did They Not Like That?

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