NFB Issue 3

A broad range of targets--Nazi nail-bomber David Copeland (& spooks covering his tracks), also pseudo-investigative journalist Donal Macintyre and political chameleon Ken Livingstone, both analysed with rigour and venom as appropriate...


While we have never claimed we are the most regular publication around, NFB is probably the most hard-hitting. Features this time included Part one of an ongoing investigation into the nail-bombings that wracked London in April 1999. While there is no doubt Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM) member David Copeland was involved, there are necessary questions to which Larry O'Hara suggests answers.
-How did MI5 know before the Soho bombing gays were his next target?
-What was Copeland's actual relationship with the 'White Wolves' group, BNP & NSM?
-Why did MI5 front publication Searchlight falsely claim they were the first to identify Copeland?
-What do the bombings & their aftermath/associated media disinformation campaign tell us about ongoing conflicts between various state agencies?

Donal Macintyre is swanning around the B-list celebrity circuit posturing as an 'undercover TV journalist'. Steve Patterson & Larry O'Hara mercilessly dissect his only programme not to attract hostile attention so far, that on football hooliganism, in PC Macintyre Uncovered

In a piece that supplements nicely the Copeland article, Russell Miller delivers a cogent and powerful critique of the MacphersonReport, placing it in proper para-political context.

Staff-writer Harry Ainsworth has a pop (from the Left) at that bag of steaming piss and flatulence the Ken Livingstonephenomenon. Ainsworth situates Livingstone's political somersaults and trajectory within the context of his supposed 'strong points', Ireland & anti-racism. Read just why & how this chameleon is prepared to do deals with anyone & anything to keep power.

Larry O'Hara's talk to the May Day 2000 London Conference on the ongoing media disinformation campaign against radical activists is printed here for the first time.

Malcolm Kennedy writes about his experience of ongoing telephonic harassment, illustrating not just the depths the state will go to, but the importance of fighting back in such matters.

Exclusively, we print the shocking last political testament of late Socialist Workers Party leader/proprietor Tony Cliff. Revel in the incisive character sketches where Comrade Cliff rips apart the epigone clowns now running the SWP enterprise.

Read about other areas covered in/since the last NFB-the activities of ex (?) MI5 operative David Shayler, reaction to our exposing state provocateur Tim Hepple/Matthews in the UFO investigation community (At War With The Universe), & more suspect politics in West Yorkshire. Finally, popular feature Did They Not Like That, covering responses to NFB from friend & foe alike.


It has been too long since issue 2. Nonetheless, slowly but surely the NFB 'project' takes shape--to paraphrase Nicol Williamson's Merlin, 'a dream to some, a nightmare to others'.

The arrival of new quality writers is a welcome development. We want more, and intend to increase production (and production values) when time and funds allow, our web-site ( will be sorted out.The longest article covers the Far Right & the secret state. lt is a sad comment on the dearth of so-called 'investigative journalism' that questions are asked here never posed before, some obvious. A parallel item by Russell Miller on the secret state response to the Macpherson Inquiry provides useful context. We also look at the fraud Donal Macintyre, recently in court giving evidence against Frain/Marriner, jailed for 7/6 years respectively. Some techniques used against Reclaim the Streets protesters in/around May Day 2000 are analysed. If RTS and similar represent the anti-capitalist future, the traditional Left still need addressing. We are pleased to print a unique insight into Comrade Tony Cliff's final political thoughts. Speaking of clowns, London is currently undergoing the Ken Livingstone experience. As Embankment street- entertainer, he'd be mildly amusing. Sadly, he isn't. Livingstone has brought in an ex-CIA Transport Commissioner (Robert Kiley), and turned some who should be among his most determined opponents (like Green Darren Johnston) into flunkeys.

We revisit Ufology, explored in 'At War With The Universe', and print an astronomical critique. Malcolm Kennedy's article deals with harassment of individuals, a theme last issue. Murky Yorkshire goings-on and ex (?)-MI5 operative David Shayler receive further attention. That one MI5 faction dislikes him (illustrated by the court case) we don't doubt-but this doesn't make him a friend of ours. Recently, I briefly met Julie-Ann Davies. It transpires she did not respond to the NFB 2 sent because she didn't agree with it! Whereas I sent it se as to offer right of reply. Let us politely call this 'cognitive dissonance'. Davies proudly told me she and David Shayler believe in MI5 accountability--whereas we at NFB don't believe in MI5 (or Ml6/Special Branch) at all. Europe is still near the top of our research agenda--I appeal to readers with insights/further internal documents concerning state infiltration and attempted manipulation of oppositional movements to send them in.

Finally, one you couldn't make up. NFB 1 covered infiltration of the anti-JSA campaign/Leftlfascists simultaneously by a hermaphroditic asset, also involving Daphne Liddle, Searchlight operative. Ex-husband Terry Liddle (who she meets weekly to kiss the Dzierzhinsky statue on her mantlepiece) was fully aware of that operation. He's recently conducted some of his own--infiltrating the Green Party, Irish Republican Support Groups, and being a main organiser of the so-called Anarchist Heretics Fair in London 14/10/00. The previous Fair included fascists the National Revolutionary Faction, and racist Richard Hunt of Alternative Green--"stated views on Northern Ireland 'Off our patch Paddy'. Due to intervention by Green Anarchist & Anti-Fascist Action, the London circus never performed. Needless to say none of this featured in the November or December Searchlight. As we go to print two enquiries have been mooted into the antics of Liddle & associate Gary Holden, by the Green Party and London Socialist Alliance. NFBwill not countenance a cover-up by either. Some CPGB members, like Phil Hamilton (Convenor of the UK Left Internet Forum) have behaved honourably.Yet the CPGB's Weekly Worker (8/12) denounced an AFA member raising legitimate questions as a 'witch-hunter', and defended Terry and Daphne Liddle, No mention even of any relevant NFB stories, concerning both Liddles. These two spooks need to be sorted out politically, soon.


PC Macintyre Uncovered... Click here to read this article

David Shayler: The Questions Multiply

The Psy-Ops Operation Against Malcolm Kennedy

David Copeland, The White Wolves & The State

Responses to 'At War With The Universe'

At War With the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis

Bombing Your Way Out Of An Inquiry

Tony Cliff's Last Testament

May Day 2000 In The Media

The White Rose Still Has Thorns--More on Yorkshire

Livingstone, His Politics & The Secret State

Did They Not Like That?

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