NFB Issue 10

It was a long time in the making, but finally came out. We are happy to say you can buy issue 10 from our on-line shop on this site.

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Given our web-site difficulties (now overcome), which came to a head just as issue 10 was being printed, a legitimate question. Did something make this particular issue especially worth getting, or alternatively (indeed simultaneously) make it one others would rather you didn’t see? We’ll let you judge that.

We can tell you for certain

1) At 88 pages it was the largest ever produced, with a full colour cover and the usual extensive referencing one of our best, if we might be so bold!

2) This issue is huge because of not one but two major stories inside:

First, Part One of a Three part series examined the death of MI6/GCHQ operative Gareth Williams. As you would expect we have a slightly different take on events, including new unpublished facts regarding his supposed internet use, the police investigation, and much more. Issue 11 follows this up, and we recommend reading this article beforehand.

Second, a detailed explanation of the origins, details and reasons for the ongoing civil war betweenSearchlight magazine and their former front Hope Not Hate: we have brought all their skeletons out of the cupboard, and dismantled the cupboard. This dispute has aspects reaching into the heart of government and the Labour opposition. Read it to find out how: and don’t be surprised if some involved have their collars felt. About time too!

3) Other items included: latest news from the dying 9/11 Cult, a surreal ‘interview’ with ex-MI5 DG Eliza Manningham-Buller, Crypto-Anarchism, the BNP after the May 2012 local elections, MI6 & Lunar exploration, correspondence with Al Qaeda, and regular features Fancy That/Updates. Something for everybody...

4) Because of the massive leap in UK postage costs, and the extra weight due to number of pages, the price for a single copy of issue 10 in the UK is £5. Should you subscribe for two issues by post, new subscribers get a selected back issue free. See 'How to buy NFB by post' article above, or to buy online directly visit the shop on this site.  If you want to subscribe using Pay-Pal (for which you don't need to be signed up), send a pay-pal payment for £10 to drlarryohara (use the@symbol)   Typed this way to discourage spambots!

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