NFB Issue 1

Centre-piece was Stalino-Nazi hermaphroditic spook Lady Athena McHugh. As encore, the UK Ku Klux Klan & International Third Position...


This was the very first issue (36 pages) of this hard-hitting parapolitical publication never afraid to ask the questions others don't dare to, and report on stories too tame for our largely supine media to cover. This landmark issue (complete with detourned front cover as shown left) includes:

- a scoop, with major ramifications: using unrivalled inside information and documents, blowing the lid off the fascist ITP (International Third Position) Spanish village charity scam. Essentially, the group were running ostensibly religious charity shops as a front for channelling funds into an (all white) Spanish village renovation project. Even the Charity Commission subsequently pretended to investigate (before they did a deal with the ITP). For those unaware of who the ITP are, there is also a concise background briefing on this sophisticated outfit (now called England First) who combine Lefebvrist Catholicism, Evolian-influenced political soldier ideology, and a flair for making money, not least through Roberto Fiore's housing rackets.

- a truly bizarre and well documented tale concerning the activities of hermaphroditic Stalino-Fascist 'Lady Athena McHugh'. who set up a honey-trap fascist group (the British National Socialist Party) that corresponded with potential recruits named on a stolen British National Party membership list that some believed (wrongly) the neo-Nazi Combat 18 might have taken. Simultaneously, McHugh infiltrated the Left-leaning Campaign Against the Job-Seekers Allowance, in addition to spying on immigrant/Islamic groups. McHugh's operation was facilitated both by the New Communist Party and the shadowy Searchlight magazine/organisation--key personnel being Daphne LIddle & her supposedly estranged (and now late)husband Terry LIddle. A saga so strange you couldn't make it up: and we certainly didn't! This episode produced a letter from one BNP functionary (Alf Waite) answering member's complaints regarding McHugh's attendance (in feminine garb) at a BNP Regional meeting that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes (p.14). It certainly did ours, and still does, even today.

- NFB has always stood shoulder to shoulder with grass roots activists under the state cosh, as here, with an enthralling contemporary perspective on the crucial GANDALF (Green Anarchist & Animal Liberation Front) conspiracy trial.

- agents provocateur come in many shapes and sizes, and we here profiled one individual, Jamie de Mayo/Damji for the first time. Subsequently, his career path took a downward spiral.

- occasionally, US fascists try to set up UK franchises: read a detailed low-down on one such attempt, the Ku Klux Klan UK branch, bearing all the hallmarks of a state pseudo-group, given lots of media publicity by sleazoids like Roger Cook/Searchlight. Article reproduced elsewhere on this site (minus graphics)--go to the contents list below and click to to read it.

While the production values are understandably not those of later issues, this edition pioneered what has proven to be NFB's strong points--in depth research, rigorously done, backed up with a wealth of internal documents and facts, all fully footnoted (unlike disinformation conduits such as Private Eye which some erroneously compare us to). A publication those hungry for solid information will love--and those engaged in political dirty tricks have long learned to hate. In short, all the investigative journalism you could wish for--but will never find in the Guardian. A collector's item some will treasure...The editorial follows below


Welcome to the first issue of Notes From the Borderland, a journal of parapolitics. What is meant by this, for readers new to the idea, is an examination of the hidden in politics, especially the machinations of the secret state (MI5/MI6/Special Branch & other semi-autonomous factions): what Peter Dale Scott has referred to as deep political analysis, "the study of all those political practices and arrangements, deliberate or not, which are usually repressed rather than acknowledged". This is emphatically not 'conspiracy theory' but rather the study of covert operations.

There is already in existence an excellent parapolitical journal, Robin Ramsay's Lobster, and we see this magazine as complementary rather than competitive. We intend to cover a broad range of politics and culture, particularly that shadowy domain where the secret state's agendas (including media through-put) intersect with extra-parliamentary politics. What goes on at 'street level' is not too unimportant for us to cover, and while our political stance is' determinedly Left-Green we are not afraid to examine cases where the state interferes with political tendencies for whom we have little or no sympathy, such as the far right. The 'end game' regarding neo-nazi group Combat 18, to be played out next year with the Harlow murder trial, will be analysed in some depth. Equally, while our remit is broadly ongoing matters, we will cast backward looks at past incidents/episodes where the subject merits it. In future we will cover events overseas-the Oklahoma bombing and the Grant Bristow affair in Canada are likely subjects. Happenings in Ireland, both South and North, are very much within our scope of interest, whatever the fate of the so-called 'peace process'. While coverage of the far right will be an important feature of this magazine, it will not usually take up as much space as it does in this first issue.

The quality of research we print will in part depend on readers:by subscribing and selling bulk copies (rates available on request), getting this publication reviewed, and also providing information. Information does not grow on trees, and those of us outside and against the state and their media satellites have to gather it the hard way. If there are stories you think we should cover, or even better any you want to write or have written, drop us a line (send SAE for return of manuscripts) .. Equally, if you come across any news items in papers and journals local national and international that you think would interest us, do send them in. It is better to have the same clipping from four sources than none.

For some, the current political climate is refreshing. Not necessarily is our response. The mailed fist of the state is being shown to those who dare to dissent vigorously such as animal liberationists, and we note with concern the ongoing conspiracy trial involving Green Anarchist magazine. Ever-increasing surveillance and monitoring of citizens, part and parcel of the creation of a new Imperial European state fill us with foreboding. The issue of European union will be returned to, but let there be no equivocation--the new European Imperial state-in-the-making must be resisted: by any, means necessary. The virtual disappearance of the political march and increasing senility of the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary Left of all descriptions point to worrying times ahead. Most anarchists have descended into liberalism, and sections of the Green Party leadership seem to be planning a secret deal with 'New Labour' to secure European Parliamentary seats, Not good, On the bright side, there are emerging new forms of popular resistance, even if sporadic.

We will do what we can in our own small way to encourage such bright shoots. Rather than wait twenty-five, thirty or fifty years to find out 'definitively' from released Public Records what actually happened in our times, or rely heavily on the testimony of so-called renegade ex-MI5 operatives with lucrative' publishing contracts like David Shayler & Peter Wright, we see no reason to wait when a timely warning can affect the course of events. Such an approach makes for a few rough edges and the odd mistake--but we will always rectify mistakes, and welcome feed-back from anybody who feels they have been misrepresented, or wants to clarify factual errors. Our next issue is scheduled for Spring/Summer but if you have ideas/contributions/donations get in touch soon.' November 1997


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