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Subjects: our broad range of interests can be gleaned by looking at this site, and the magazine.  If you have an idea for an article, contact us.  We don't bite (in daylight anyway), and if you have a good idea will do what we can to help it stand up.  We relish pieces covering topics the main stream media won't touch as they're too sharp.  There is also a place for rigorously deconstructing the way existing issues/stories are covered, in print, or on TV & the internet.  We are that place.

Length: no specific restrictions, if the subject merits it.  Though an average maximum limit of 5,000 is usual.  Discuss it with us.

Placement: articles shouldn't be under consideration elsewhere, nor have appeared/be appearing, on the internet--unless by prior agreement.  In the final analysis it is up toNFB whether a submission best suits site or magazine.

Grammar: use British English unless directly quoting a US/other foreign source.  While we often favour short words rather than long, we welcome unusual words where apposite, given the ongoing debasement of language the internet encourages, explicitly and implicitly.  However, don't use semi-archaic words just for the sake of it.

References: where possible provide them, including page numbers if relevant.  Footnotes should appear in the text in bold, full details at the end.  The need for references applies to both site and hard copy magazine.   

Internet references: no objection in principle, though we cavil at articles where the vast majority of references are merely 'virtual'.  We do take a dim view of using web links to substitute for, not exemplify, reasoned argument.  Each page linked to should actually prove the point it is supposed to.  After each web-reference, due to the internet's ephemeral nature, place the date last accessed.

Humour: a dash of hilarity is almost always appropriate.  Don't hold back if you feel the urge, especially in a picture caption.

Language: obviously, we won't publish anything racist/anti-semitic/homophobic, but have no problem with quotes expressing such views if they are important evidence.  We positively welcome serious articles deconstructing political correctness, if they're interesting.

Photos/graphics: we like these, especially for magazine articles, although editorially reserve the right to use them or not.  Send  in uncompressed JPEG/TIFF format, in files separate from (not embedded in) any article.

Transmission: we welcome articles either by real mail (in which case two copies double-spaced) or email--preferably Microsoft Word.

Anonymity: in some circumstances, given the delicate and controversial subjects we tackle, the use of noms de plume is acceptable.   We ourselves need to know who you are, to protect our reputation and avoid being fed disinformation (perish the thought). 

Copyright: all articles become jointly-copyrighted by NFB & the contributor.  In the event they are re-published elsewhere royalties (if applicable) are split 50:50. 

Process: we may ask you to rewrite articles/sections of same, and might for space/clarity reasons edit them ourselves.  We do all we can to ensure your assent to the final finished article.

Payment: given our parlous finances, not possible currently--we are not in this lark for the money.  We can promise 5 hard copies of each magazine your article appears in, and  the satisfaction of having spoken the truth to power.. 

 Agent Z   20/5/2011

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About NFB Magazine

Welcome to Britain's premier parapolitical investigative magazine Notes from the Borderland (NFB). We have been producing the magazine since 1997 but some published material before then.

Our political perspective is Left/Green, but we welcome truth-tellers, whatever their affiliation. Research interests include the secret state (MI5/MI6/Special Branch, now SO15) & their assets, including those in the media. We are resolutely anti-fascist, and to that end investigate the far right and state infiltration of various milieus. In a shallow age where many TV programmes and print/internet stories are spoon-fed to servile journalists/bloggers by shadowy interests, NFB stands out as genuine investigative research. 

Take a chance--you won't be disappointed...

To republish anything on this site contact us first  for permission - we will usually grant it for non-profit organisations, other requests will be looked at on a case by case basis.   "Quotation is fine, plagiarism isn't" (Agent Q RIP).